Pinterest, based in San Francisco with about 430 million users, is a social media service website designed for discovering and saving information. This is done using images, videos, and animated GIFs in the form of pinboards. Due to its exponential growth, Pinterest is used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, and large corporations to gain followers, build brand image, and drive sales. The platform is extremely popular, which makes getting followers and growing the Pinterest account a daunting task.

Growing your Pinterest account

Apart from a huge user base, there are several other reasons why individuals and businesses should focus on their Pinterest accounts. Some of them are:

All these factors make Pinterest the favorite site for people to promote their products and services. You can use a few tricks and tactics to stand out from the huge crowd and gain more genuine followers. Some of them are:

Create a business account

If you have created your Pinterest account to promote your business, then it is better to create a business account. If you already have an account, then convert it into a business account. Having a business account helps to increase credibility and authority. Also, the business accounts on Pinterest have certain special features like unique content layouts, shopping features, advanced analytics, and ad account creation tools. All these features help to better promote your content and boost business.

Optimize Pinterest bio and username

Your Pinterest bio and username are searchable. So, to improve your profile visibility, it is advisable to include search terms and keywords associated with your niche that customers are more likely to search for. For example, if you are a content creator promoting a vegan diet, then you can add keywords like “vegan” or “plant-based diet” in your profile. This will help your profile to show up whenever users search those terms.

Focus on Idea pins

Idea pins were rolled out by Pinterest in 2021. They are a modification of Story Pins that were introduced in 2020. The Idea Pin allows businesses and content developers to create, edit, and post 20 pages of videos, images, and text in one post. The Idea pins also offer several features, like voice-over recording, adding transitions, and music. You can also tag other relevant accounts in your Idea pins.

One great feature of Idea pins is that they don’t disappear after 24 hours, unlike Stories found on other social media websites.

Use text on Idea pins

Idea pins, by themselves, are a great marketing strategy, but you can enhance them by adding relevant text overlays. This will make the content understandable and easily accessible. While adding text, make sure to go for relevant keywords to improve visibility.

Focus on your target audience

To refine your Pinterest growth strategy, it is advisable to have a target audience that you can focus on. By focusing on a particular audience, you will be able to create more unique and lively content that will strike a chord with them. You can focus on your niche and expand your customer base by creating quality content in that niche.

It is also necessary to create a client persona to understand your audience and their needs.

Post original content

Creating and posting original content is extremely crucial to gaining and maintaining followers. This is also the deciding factor to boost sales since a lot of Pinners take the help of Pinterest to make shopping decisions. Try to make use of images and graphics that best describe your brand. Also, remember to focus on content resonating with your brand image while re-pinning content.

Use relevant tags

Hashtags are progressively losing popularity on Pinterest, and now creators are using topic tags to sort their content as well as improve reach.

Create your brand image

Customers always prefer to do business with brands and companies they trust. You can use Pinterest to create content that will build trust with the target audience. This will enable you to gain more followers and create a good brand impression.

Post infographics

Infographics use data and visual and written content to convert information into an easily understandable format. People will prefer infographics rather than a big wall of text. Posting infographics will help improve your credibility, visibility, and image.

Make use of keywords in pin descriptions and board names

It is crucial to be specific and eloquent while making a good pin description. You can use relevant keywords so that your account shows up easily in user searches.

Use keywords in the Pinterest name

Discoverability is the most crucial factor in having a successful Pinterest account. Your account is likely to turn up in searches only when you use the relevant keywords in the Pinterest name.

Take advantage of Pinterest trends

Pinterest trends are topics or keywords that are becoming a rage in specific niches. You can keep track of all the latest trends in your specific area and create unique content that will resonate with those trends. This will help to make your account more eye-catching. You can also use Pinterest Predicts to know the trends of the coming months and plan your content accordingly.

Make use of Pinterest sections

Pinterest sections are essentially categorized boards within a board. You can use these sections to organize all of your pins in an appealing way to attract your target audience.

Post new content regularly

Consistency is very important to keep the interest of your followers and gain new ones. It is advisable to post new content on a weekly basis. You can also use your pins to lead potential followers and customers to your website.

Use timeless images

While following the latest trends is advantageous, make sure to post timeless images that will keep your post relevant even with ever-changing trends.

Be active

Active and engaging accounts are favored by Pinterest. Make sure to pin regularly, follow other boards, and pin others’ pins. Have an organized and focused publishing strategy so that you can plan your pins in advance. It is also crucial to re-pin frequently. You will be able to widen your reach by engaging with and re-pinning other boards.

Delete underperforming pins

Along with posting new quality content, it is extremely crucial to eliminate underperforming pins. You should also make sure to delete pins that do not resonate with your brand and your target audience. This will help you to improve visibility and gain more followers.

Revive older popular pins

Keeping your older, popular content alive is as crucial as creating new quality content. You can re-pin these popular pins regularly to keep them evergreen.

Follow potential customers

If you are using Pinterest to boost your business, you can gain more followers by following your potential customers. To make this possible, research your competitors and their followers to identify what interests your potential customers. Make quality content relevant to your business, keep your account up-to-date and follow potential customers. They will most likely follow you back if they like your content. To get the most out of this tactiq we highly recommend using a Pinterest Growth Service, such as Pingainz. It is extremely affordable and gives amazing results. Engagement, sales and followers go up in no time. And the best thing is: you don’t have to do anything!

Promote your Pinterest account

You can use a Pinterest follow button on your website and newsletters to promote your Pinterest account. Since the customers visiting your website or subscribing to the newsletter are already interested in your services, they can be converted to loyal followers.

Become a verified merchant

On Pinterest, being a verified merchant will help to improve the credibility of your company. If you are a part of this program, you will receive the coveted check mark and subsequently gain more followers.

Claim your company website

You should make sure to claim your company website on Pinterest to gain more organic traffic, as accounts with their website claimed have a higher engagement rate.

Use Rich Pins

Rich pins allow you to pull data from your company website while creating pins and to keep the existing pins up-to-date. The different kinds of Rich Pins include:

A/B test your pins

A/B testing is a good way to identify content that will resonate with your target audience. You can test different variables on Pinterest, like alternate headlines, alternate thumbnails, and alternate post copies. You can also make use of different images, fonts, and colors. Analyze their performance using Pinterest analytics and then make future decisions.

Growing your Pinterest account and gaining followers can feel like a colossal and time-consuming task. But by implementing some tricks and strategies, you can easily gain loyal followers and boost your Pinterest account.

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