Pinterest, based in San Francisco with about 430 million users, is a social media service website designed for discovering and saving information. This is done using images, videos, and animated GIFs in the form of pinboards.

Each year, Pinterest anticipates the leading trends for the months ahead. The website makes these predictions based on search trends. The site also provides personalized prediction insights based on the users’ Pin activities and trend notes.

The annual prediction report of Pinterest covers numerous themes, like home, pets, fashion, wellness, and much more. These are themes that the search engine expects to soar in popularity in the coming months. These Pinterest tips can be used by businesses to gain more customers.

The biggest Pinterest trends in 2022

Pinterest recently released its annual report, including trendy things to enjoy your best life in 2022. Some of the trendiest ones are:

Curve appeal

According to Pinterest, curves are going to dominate the market, especially in home décor. The website predicts that people, including millennials, boomers, and Gen X, will be intent on investing in designs like curved kitchen islands, curved bars, and curved sofas. The search for round pool designs has increased a whopping 170% and bar designs by 140%. There is also a threefold increase in curved kitchen ideas searches. Curved sofas are also becoming quite trendy as they are available in several sizes and shapes. Large and small sofas, sectional sofas, and loveseats will all be the rage in the coming months.

Dopamine dressing

Colorful to Pinterest, colorful palettes, and vibrant outfits are going to trend this year. Fashion will be dominated by electric blue attire, rainbow dresses, and fuschia outfits, irrespective of age and gender. The bright colors will help to boost mood and can be used as a means to channel positive feelings all the while being chic.


Pinterest prediction reports show that pearls will be dominating the hearts of people in 2022, regardless of their age and gender. The trend will see people using pearls to enhance numerous articles like jewelry, dresses, and decorations. Pearl necklaces and rings are becoming a rage amongst women as well as men. There will also be a marked increase in pearl-themed celebrations and parties.


This year, people will be saying goodbye to joggers and old t-shirts that double as sleepwear. Classic nightwear and silk and satin nightdresses are set to dominate the market in 2022. People in all age groups will be searching for comfortable sleepwear like breezy nightdresses or floor-length ones with slits.

Hot horology

People will be into watches and clocks more than ever in the coming year if the search trends are anything to go by. The search for men’s luxury watches and trendy watches has snowballed about six times in recent months. Both boomers and Gen X are going behind oversized clocks, bracelet watches, and sleek, minimalist watches.

Mindful menstruation

According to Pinterest trend prediction, people will be enthusiastic about educating themselves about period health and period care. People are looking for menstrual starter kits and menstrual cycle charts. They are also looking for comfort, along with leak protection and menstrual wellness. Period underwear has also become trendy recently.

Cuppa time

Afternoon tea is slowly transforming into an aesthetic rather than just a meal for a lot of people. They are now more interested in catching up with a friend over tea than drinks after work. Tea parties and tea aesthetics are becoming a rage across different age groups. The tea-drinking aesthetic will not be limited to the act of drinking tea, but will also include elements like collecting teapots and cups and tea photography.

Pet Palace

People are always into pampering their pets. But now it is not just about pampering. People are redesigning the homes and beds of their pets into luxury dog homes and cat rooms. The latest trend is to design pet homes to blend in with home décor. Boomer, Gen X, and millennial pet parents are also interested in designing customized mini-apartments for their fur babies.


Nail art is becoming trendy in 2022, especially amongst Millennial searchers. Numerous designs are becoming available in nail art, like constellation-inspired art, desert nail art, and geode nail art. People are becoming more and more interested in painting landscapes and galaxies on their nails.

Emotional safe spaces

Emotional escape spaces are one of the most loved trends of 2022. People can design and customize their own safe spaces to vibe in and de-stress. These spaces can be designed based on individual choice. They can be music rooms, tiny libraries, crystal rooms, massage rooms, or rage rooms. Numerous add-ons can be integrated into these rooms, like cozy furniture, candles, and other accents.

Limitless luxe

Luxurious homes will become the norm in 2022, with people redesigning the nooks and crannies of their homes. Luxurious laundry rooms and basements are designed to give the houses a new luster. Organization systems and stylish accents are also becoming trendy, according to the search trends.

Chequer yourself!

Boomers and millennials are especially responsible for the revival of checkers. The checkered designs have started to invade everything, including nails, flooring, rugs, wardrobes, and even food. The search for chequerboard patterns has increased by a colossal 160%. Men are also upgrading their wardrobes by including checkered suits.

Hellenistic revival

Nostalgia is all set to become a raving trend in 2022. Gen Z is embracing the Hellenistic culture by adopting Corinthian designs and Greek-inspired wallpapers. Aesthetic Aphrodite wallpaper searches have increased by 180%. Die-hard fans are not just incorporating Hellenistic culture into home décor but also into jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, and other accessories.

Biophilic design

People have been interested in houseplants for quite some time. Millennials now are aiming to improve their relationship with the environment by using biophilic designs. These designs, along with providing a good aesthetic, also enhance the overall well-being of people. Numerous designs are available for nature and health-conscious people, like floral ceilings, staircase gardens, and biophilic interiors. Home offices are also given a biophilic design to create a zen atmosphere.

Kidding around

Boomers and millennials are turning their homes into fun places with numerous décor ideas like indoor swings, fairy bedrooms, and other craft items.

Calming classrooms

2022 is not just about redesigning homes but revamping classrooms as well. Classrooms with nature-related themes are rising in popularity as they create calm, stress-free environments and enhance learning. Sunshine, forest, and eucalyptus-themed classrooms are the most popular searches.


People, especially millennials, are trying to be financially literate in 2022 to handle their money matters like a pro. Searches for terms like “financial education,” “investment property for beginners,” and “investment tips” have gone up considerably. A lot of millennials use this investment knowledge to create passive income and be financially independent.

Hotter wheels

Cars, now, are more than a means of conveyance. With the right upgrades and make-overs, an entire vibe can be created inside the car. People are now searching for good sound systems and car décor ideas to spruce up their vehicles.

Be jeweled

Gen Z is focused on bringing the bling to every accessory they use. Now, accessories are not just limited to rings, necklaces, or earrings. Numerous embellishments like tooth gems, ear curations, dermal piercings, rhinestone pedicures, and crustal eye make-up are set to dominate the market in 2022.


2022 is the year of transforming relationships and interpersonal dynamics. People are interested in improving their relationships by searching for couple counseling and tips for improving family and friendly interactions. People are increasingly searching for tips on how to ask uncomfortable questions and set healthy boundaries.


In 2022, there will be a party for everything, be it empty nests, adoptions, break-ups, divorces, or pet birthdays. According to the search trends, people will be looking for a reason to celebrate all year round.

Batter up

With the number of parties rising, cakes are surely going to trend in 2022. Rather than simple ones, elaborate cakes expressing the moods of people will grab more attention. Bubble cakes, 3D cakes, and gravity-defying cakes are also popular amongst boomers, Gen X, and millennials.

Energy healing

Mental healing and enlightenment have gained popularity amongst Gen Z. People are looking for ways to protect their energy and reach a stage of spiritual awakening. Numerous healing techniques are gaining acceptance, like meditation, aura healing, and frequency healing.

Store decor

In 2022, more businesses will focus on creating online stores and shopfronts to gain more customers. Retail display ideas are also a top search topic. These tips will help businesses to make their shop designs more creative and attractive.

The Pinterest trends give people an idea of the things that will dominate the market in the coming months. This will allow businesses to plan the offers and new products that they can roll out to get more sales. Pinterest marketing is also an excellent way to grow a business. Businesses can devise their Pinterest strategy according to the Pinterest trends.

Businesses can design their services around the trends, grow organic traffic and attract more customers. For example, fashion companies can make their clothes, jewelry, and other accessories using materials that are most likely to go viral. Similarly, interior design and décor businesses can roll out products that match the current aesthetics.

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