Pinterest is a social media website for collecting and sharing images, videos, and animated GIFs of anything that you find interesting. Even though it is not as popular as Instagram, Pinterest still has the attention of numerous people worldwide. Pinterest has about 433 million monthly active users, making it the 14th largest social media platform in the world. This makes it a lucrative platform for individuals and companies to promote their brands and businesses. You can capture and maintain the attention of your target audience, improve the brand image, and create sales by applying the appropriate marketing strategy.

There are numerous Pinterest growth tools available to refine the various aspects of your Pinterest profile, improve your marketing strategy, and gather more followers. These Pinterest growth tools can be used to create amazing pins, efficiently schedule them, and regularly track and improve your marketing campaigns.

Pinterest tools

The Pinterest tools usually available are task-specific, meaning they are used to perform a particular task like designing or scheduling your pins, growing followers, or data analytics. Some of the best Pinterest growth tools include:


This is a business growth tool that helps you to create and increase your Pinterest followers using contests and giveaways. Gleam will help you to create customized contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways. This tool also offers numerous advanced features, like fraud protection. This feature will disallow users from entering into contests multiple times by creating fake Pinterest accounts or emails. You can also create galleries and instant reward programs using the Gleam tool.

The competition app of Gleam offers its services starting at a price range of $10 per month. If users want to enjoy the functionalities of all the Gleam apps, it will cost them $97 a month and upwards.


This is a tool that individuals and businesses can use to increase their audience. SweepWidget can be used to run extraordinary contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways that will have a positive effect on your audience engagement. This tool helps you to design giveaways and contests in such a way that prospective customers can be encouraged to complete actions that will boost the company. These can include tasks like visiting a webpage, following an account or board, repinning a pin, and submitting their own pin.

It offers a wide range of plans to suit customers in different budget ranges. Premium plans starting at $29 per month are available. Customers can also choose free plans with basic functionalities.

Sprout Social

This is an all-embracing tool that can be used to manage your campaigns on Pinterest as well as other social media websites. Sprout Social can be used to organize, schedule, and publish your Pinterest pins in advance. It also has powerful analytics features, enabling users to track the success of their Pinterest campaigns and optimize them based on the data.

Sprout Social has a Pinterest listening feature that will enable you to track the brand value and the general sentiment of the audience towards your brand. The major disadvantage of Sprout Social is that it is a bit pricey and focused on large businesses. Usually, the billing is done annually, and it will cost the user $89 a month.


If you are a small business looking to enhance your social media presence, gain followers, and boost sales using a marketing tool, PromoRepublic can be a good choice to help you. It is available for all social media platforms, including Pinterest. It is used for creating, scheduling, and publishing the pins onto numerous boards as well as accounts. The most important advantage is that all this happens from a single dashboard.

PromoRepublic has an AI-powered posting feature that will enable clients to detect the perfect time to post or repost pins based on the activity of the target audience. There are also content creation elements that will enable clients to design pins using optimized templates and curated content. PromoRepublic also promotes a cohesive collaboration between the client and the Pinterest management team to achieve satisfactory results.

Since the tool is compatible with numerous social media websites, its pricing is also calculated accordingly. Users can use the features of the tool on 10 social media websites at prices starting at $49 a month.


Pallyy is a tool that can be used for scheduling your Pinterest posts. A feature called “visual calendar” is available on Pallyy that can be used to see previews of upcoming pins and edit and update them easily. This tool also has a powerful feature that allows users to exploit the hashtag strategy of Pinterest. Users can easily save useful hashtag lists that they can use for future posts.

Pallyy is compatible with desktop and mobile devices and is highly user-friendly. It can also be integrated with Canva, a popular online graphic design tool, to design pins.

Pallyy has a basic free plan catering to the needs of one social media account, and your posts are limited to 15 in number for a month. But to make more posts on your social media account each month and to use it for more than one social, you need to choose premium plans. They have premium plans starting at $15 a month.


Tailwind is a management app for creating and publishing content. It has excellent capabilities to automate certain crucial facets of your Pinterest campaigns. It is an automation tool equipped to simplify and improve your Pinterest campaigns. While you are creating posts and pins using Tailwind, the features defining your brand will automatically be added to the image. This will help you to create unique and quality content. It also has scheduling features like Personalized Smart Schedule and automatic publishing. These features will allow you to publish new content when your target audience is more active. This will increase the visibility of your Pinterest account.

Tailwind also provides features that allow different users to collaborate and broaden the audience base.

Tailwind offers a Free Forever scheme with limited features. Premium plans are available for $9.99 a month and upwards.


This is a Pinterest scheduling tool that can help you keep track of your posts and pins on Pinterest. It is also useful to generate genuine leads as well as sales from your Pinterest marketing campaigns.

SocialBee helps you to create and schedule new pins as well as repurpose old ones. Posting schedules are created in such a way that they generate consistent and optimized Pinterest output for you. You can also save your hashtag collections to use in future posts and pins.

SocialBee offers an interesting feature called Content Categories. This feature will help you to categorize your Pinterest posts, which will greatly help you when you are devising a new Pinterest marketing strategy. It is also useful to avoid tasteless repetitions and constantly engage your audience with unique content.

SocialBee starts at a price of $19 a month, and you can use it for five social media accounts, including Pinterest.


Sendible is a comprehensive Pinterest tool offering solutions for aspects like scheduling and publishing your pins, and managing your Pinterest growth campaigns. This tool helps you to understand your brand’s perception among the users of Pinterest.

All actions can be performed on Sendible easily using an all-in-one intuitive dashboard. Sendible’s powerful listening feature will allow you to gauge the sentiment of potential customers toward your brand and plan your next Pinterest marketing strategy accordingly.


PINGAINZ is one of the best Pinterest growth services that can offer you organic traffic growth. The only thing the user needs to do here is set up an account, and the rest is handled by the service provider. PINGAINZ is easy to use and there is a free trial available with it. Customers need to purchase the service only if they are satisfied with the results of the free trial. This offers more credibility to the service. It will also give the customers an idea of what to expect and the number of followers that will be gained during the journey. It is easily accessible and can be used by both small and large businesses.

PINGAINZ offers all kinds of growth services to its users, including strategies to increase followers, improve engagement, skyrocket sales, and generate more revenue. You can gain more followers quickly on virtual auto-pilot. This will save you from spending countless hours trying to use different tools to gain organic traffic and more followers. This makes PINGAINZ an all-encompassing tool where all the necessary help for Pinterest growth is available under one umbrella.

Employing Pinterest tools is a good way to organically increase your followers, schedule your posts, and boost your sales. But the trouble is that you need different tools for different elements of the Pinterest marketing strategy. This is where a service like PINGAINZ comes to your rescue. PINGAINZ is one of the best Pinterest growth services available since it offers comprehensive growth packages for a wide variety of niches. It offers numerous services, including designing, scheduling, and marketing your Pinterest posts. It is easy to use, and the platform offers excellent customer service, making it even more attractive.

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