Pinterest is a social media website for collecting and sharing images, videos, and animated GIFs of anything that you find interesting. Pinterest has about 433 million monthly active users, making it the 14th largest social media platform in the world. This makes it a lucrative platform for individuals and companies to promote their brands and businesses. You can capture and maintain the attention of your target audience, improve the brand image, and create sales by applying the appropriate marketing strategy. To do this, you need to organically grow your Pinterest account and increase the number of followers. This is where a Pinterest growth service can come to your aid.

Pinterest Growth Service

There are a few Pinterest Growth Services in the market that help you with various stages of your Pinterest growth strategy, like setting up your account, optimizing the profile, and devising marketing techniques. Choosing the growth service that suits your needs is crucial to achieving business expansion and sales generation. Some of the best Pinterest growth services available on the market include:


PINGAINZ is one of the best Pinterest growth services that can offer you organic traffic growth. The only thing the user needs to do here is set up an account, and the rest is handled by the service provider. PINGAINZ is easy to use and there is a free trial available with it. Customers need to purchase the service only if they are satisfied with the results of the free trial. This offers more credibility to the service. It will also give the customers an idea of what to expect and the number of followers that will be gained during the journey. It is easily accessible and can be used by both small and large businesses.

PINGAINZ offers all kinds of growth services to its users, including strategies to increase followers, improve engagement, skyrocket sales, and generate more revenue.


This is a Pinterest growth service used by brands like Shopify, Havas, DreamWorks, and Unicef. SproutSocial has a service called Pinterest integration that enables businesses and brands to manage and organically grow their accounts. The service provider offers advanced tools to build, publish, dispatch, and manage all the content in your Pinterest account. You can also have a preview of the pins that you might want to post in the future. This will allow you to see how they will look on the Pinterest board and decide whether you want to post them or not. You can also track the performance of your Pinterest marketing campaigns.

You will have to purchase a suitable plan from the available ones after a trial of 30 days.

Media Mister

It is an established Pinterest growth service that identifies the target audience of the client and engages them constantly. It increases your followers by encouraging your target audience to follow you and repin the posts made by you. This will help to improve your brand awareness and grow your business.

The service is a bit costly. You have to pay $2 for 50 followers.

Red Social

This is an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables users to grow their Pinterest accounts by increasing their Pinterest followers. The users can customize their requirements, like the number of followers they want or the number of likes they hope to gather. The platforms also offer good customer service.

Numerous plans are available with prices ranging from $4 to $110.

Social Hackettes

This is a Pinterest service offering organic growth by gathering genuine followers on Pinterest. The service provider will help you gain followers based on your industry or niche. This is advantageous as it can gather potential customers really interested in your products and services, eventually generating more sales and revenue. The platform focuses on long-term engagement. Once you join the platform, you will be assigned a team dedicated to creating marketing strategies suited to meet your specific needs.


This is an automated software offering Pinterest growth services like gaining more followers, views, and likes at an optimal time to enhance engagement and visibility. The platform assures its users that they will deliver the promised results in 72 hours. It also does not need any protected login details while operating.

You have to pay a monthly charge of $29 to use this service.

LYFE Marketing

This is a management company offering Pinterest growth services like increasing Pinterest followers, enhancing brand awareness, and boosting sales. The company boasts of improving engagement by about 398%. LYFE Marketing constantly interacts with your target audience, motivates them to follow you and repin your posts, and finally directs them to your company website. When you join the platform, you will be assigned a Pinterest manager. This manager will help you research keywords and target audiences and develop a strategy to drive sales. The monthly prices for services start at $150.


Jarvee is a Pinterest growth service that will enable you to instantly and easily increase your influence on Pinterest. This platform enables clients to schedule their pins to generate more organic traffic. Jarvee improves your visibility, which means you can tap into a larger audience base and subsequently gain more followers. The platform also provides its clients with detailed statistical and analytical data about important details like the number of likes, followers, and the success of campaigns. This will help clients to make better data-driven choices.

Jarvee offers a free trial only for a five-day period. After the trial, you can choose a premium plan in your budget range.


RankingGrow offers numerous advanced techniques like niche targeting, geo-targeting, and gender targeting to tap into your target audience. This will help to easily capture and retain the attention of the audience you are trying to target. Since you are using targeted techniques, the visibility of your profile will increase, helping with Pinterest growth. While signing up, the user needs to provide some information, like their target audience and niche. The platform will then devise a unique strategy to attract your target customers and make them invest in your content. They also regularly interact with the target audience.

RankingGrow offers a free trial only for a five-day period. After the trial, you can choose an affordable premium plan in your budget range.


This is a common tool used for Pinterest management. Its most prominent feature is a user-friendly dashboard that enables clients to perform numerous activities like scheduling and publishing pins, creating new boards, tracking Pinterest campaigns, and performing analytics. Users can manage all their individual campaigns with the help of a single dashboard. Hootsuite will automatically schedule, edit, view, publish, and delete the client pins. This means that you will be active on Pinterest 24/7, improving your visibility. Data-driven decision-making is also made possible by the detailed analysis done by Hootsuite. There are also specialized tools available for generating custom reports focusing on the metrics important to the user. These reports can improve decision-making and can aid in developing better strategies for future Pinterest marketing campaigns.

Hootsuite offers all its clients a free trial for 30 days. After the trial, you can choose a premium plan best suited to your needs.


Ampfluence is a professionally maintained Pinterest growth service aiming to amplify the Pinterest influence, improve brand awareness, and increase the organic visibility of its clients. Ampfluence caters to clients from a wide range of niches like Real Estate, Education, Cosmetics, Travel, Health and Wellness, Medical, and Food and Beverage. The platform creates customized strategies for each client to engage their target audience. This will ensure that the engaged audience is genuinely interested in your products and will improve the chances of an actual sale. This process is done 24/7, thereby increasing your visibility on Pinterest and contributing to your Pinterest growth. Ampfluence also continuously interacts with your target customer base to gain you more followers organically. SEO techniques are also used to enhance brand awareness, build community, and foster consumer trust. Ampfluence will help you achieve a high value of sales conversion.


It is a Pinterest growth service that can instantly improve the visibility of your Pinterest profile and increase the number of followers. You have to first choose a package suited for you. There are numerous packages available to cover all budget ranges. Then you only need to provide your email and Pinterest username. No other sensitive information needs to be provided. The campaign results usually start to show in one or two days. The platform also provides round-the-clock customer service. This will help to resolve customer issues promptly.


This platform offers an easy way to get more Pinterest followers. Buying followers is a way to look more important when compared to your competitors, making your profile more attractive to prospective customers. This will further drive more traffic to your profile.

Employing the assistance of a Pinterest growth service is a good way to increase your followers and boost your sales. PINGAINZ is one of the best Pinterest growth services available since it offers comprehensive growth packages for a wide variety of niches. It is easy to use, and the platform offers excellent customer service, making it even more attractive.

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